Do you have an innovative Start-Up or MedTech/Biotech company and you are looking for funding? Or looking for strategic partners?  Then you might want to consider investments from Chinese investors and/or collaboration with strategic partners. 

Many young and innovative companies have difficulties to obtain the required financial capital to boost their business. In many cases this hurdle is hard to overcome with own capital and public funding only. But there is another way to acquire financial capital: an investor and/or strategic partner in China.

MTOnyx is a Swiss-based premier cross-border healthcare consulting firm serving Biotech and Medtech clients, and investors. For China we bundled our forces into MYPartners and offer marketing, strategy and execution support to help healthcare innovation to grow by taking advantage of China’s huge market potential. We help innovative European companies to find reliable Chinese investors and partners. For more than four years, MYPartners has been actively building the bridge between Europe and China in research & innovation. We are the right partner in your search for suitable Chinese investors.  We have an established network and good relationships with Chinese investors and investor clubs.

Our experienced leadership team brings a fusion of industry competencies, financial understanding and senior executive management experience. This team is designed to provide unique insights and expertise to support company growth and maximise potential.

How we can help you

  • With our in depth knowledge of China related to business, innovation and growth
  • With our strong network with Chinese strategic players and investors in Med- and BioTech
  • With our connections with banks, investors (PE/VC), law firms specialized in European/Swiss-Chinese business law
  •  With our regular travel activities to Asia, but also permanent presence in China 

What we will do for you

  • We clarify your needs and demands
  • We contact for you suitable investors and/or business partners in our network and deliver business pitches for your company in China
  • We identify the perfect investor and/or strategic partner for you and connect you with the suitable investor
  • If needed, we organise legal services and translation services

How to partner with us

  • We meet to find out more about your individual needs as a company
  • Create a short PPT presentation about your company, that we can show to potential investors
  • Sign engagement agreement
  • Write us an e-mail with your request to: