Meinhard F. Schmidt


... has more than 20 years of business leadership experience with an extraordinary record of leadership and achievement within the highly competitive healthcare, diagnostics and medical device industries.  He is currently active as a Healthcare Executive, Business Partnering Agent and Board Director. Current activity portfolio includes:

  • Business Partnering
  • Business Development
  • Board Engagement

I am specialized in solving growth, complex or stressed business cases, and provides fully customized management services such as:

  • At Business Partnering I assist entrepreneurs and established corporations in connecting and creating valuable partnerships. This activity includes support to top management in accessing the attractiveness of new business segments - including collaboration or acquisition options. Regarding investors (Private Equity/Venture Capital) I provide support in identifying and targeting new acquisition/investment candidates in the European Healthcare, Diagnostics and MedTech industries.
  • At Business Development I support clients in developing their business strategy and accomplishing their goals with a focus on commercialization, industrialization and digitalization topics, up-dating their strategy, and support to improve and execute the business development activities. It can go as far as providing interim management for start-ups or small to mid-sized companies during restructuring phases or change of ownership. During this phase I also support my clients with valuation- and fundraising services. 
  • In the Board Engagement role, I see myself as an active ambassador representing both the investors and the executive management team, and as their partner in successfully executing the corporate strategy. I offer active Board engagement and management support for start-ups, also here, with a strong focus on the industrialization and commercialization phase.


I am not a consultant just giving advise, but I want to make

things happen as an entrepreneur,

interim manager and active board member.